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Accountability Now! Campaign

6,000 student signatures and counting

Demand for Justice in Palestine!


Accountability Now! Campaign was launched by Al-Quds University Human Rights Clinic in November 2009 to advocate accountability for human rights violations in Palestine. The Campaign was launched in the wake of Israel’s war on Gaza and Report of Fact Finding Mission to Gaza 2009 (Goldstone Report) that concluded that there is a need to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity and vast human rights violations committed during the war.  It was planned and executed upon the return of AQHRC students from the Study Tour Abroad in Geneva where they observed the UN Human Rights Council session when the goldstone report was first presented.

The campaigns takes advantage of the momentum towards accountability that the Goldstone report) created in Palestine and the international community. In this regard, students at Al-Quds University launched an international campaign to collect signatures from youth around the world on a letter addressed to UNSG Ban Ki Moon urging him to take action re-the recommendations of the Goldstone report. The letter has been translated into 6 languages including: English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and French. Students gathered 6,000 signatures up until now from Al-Quds University campus in Abu Dis alone.


The Campaign aims collect the largest number of signatures possible from university students, in Palestine and worldwide via online petition on a letter to the U.N Secretary General demanding the following:

  • Ensure that all necessary measures are used to hasten the process of accountability and achieve justice for the victims as indicated in the Goldstone Report; and
  • Serious follow up measures are taken on the Goldstone report's recommendation to ensure the rule of law and replace the culture of impunity with that of accountability by ensuring that detailed judicial investigations commence in order to bring about prosecutions of those individually responsible for the violations committed;
  • Increase international pressure to lift the long-lasting siege on the people of Gaza, which constitutes collective punishment of the civilian population, and ensure that compensation for the victims is guaranteed, and reconstruction of essential civilian infrastructure commences.

Students and youth are asked to add their voices to those in Palestine that say enough to impunity, demand accountability, and let justice and the rule of law prevail. The letter will be delivered to the UNSG via the Human Rights Council. Students will deliver the letter in Geneva as part of their participation in the 2011 Study Trip Abroad. The Campaign has established a logo and printed 1000 wall posters. An online petition, a facebook page, and a blog have been set for the promotion of the campaign. 

Facebook: Accountability Now! Campaign; Blog: http://accountabilitynowcampaign.wordpress.com; Petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/38030.html


Campaign components:

Signature Collection:

Students of Al-Quds Human Rights Clinic will work to collect the largest number of signatures possible from university campuses in support of the Accountability Now! Campaign and the letter to the United Nations.  6,000 signatures were collected by students on AQU Abu Dis campus. With the new phase of the campaign students will carry out signature collection in AQU campuses and then move the efforts, in cooperation with students from other universities, to other university campuses across the West Bank and Gaza. An on-line petition will help collect signatures via internet forums.

Photo-Gallery: War on Human and Law: Israel's violations of IHL in the War on Gaza

The gallery presents photographs from the War on Gaza along with texts of International Law. The gallery seeks to expose war crimes committed by Israel through image- and legal text presented to audiences on posters, which can be hung on walls. The gallery is made so that it can be mobile and therefore moved from one university campus to another alongside the Accountability Now! Campaign letter

Study Trip Abroad- deliver letter to UN Human Rights Council:

Each year, as part of the Capacity Building for Human Rights programs, AQHRC in cooperation with other organizations provides its students at Al-Quds University an opportunity to participate in study trips abroad. Trips are planned to places of relevance to human rights and international law.

Study Trips Abroad aim to build knowledge in students of international human rights, increase their exposure to international human rights issues, give students an international experience of human rights work and provide them with access to international networks of human rights organizations and individuals 

-       In 2008 the trip was organized to The Hague where 4 students and their clinical supervisor visited the International Criminal Court and met with organizations and individuals working on International Humanitarian Law and issues related to Palestine.

-       In 2009, seven students and a clinical supervisor visited Geneva to observe the 12th Session of the Human Rights Council in September. The group participating in the trip met with U.N bodies, ICRC, and diplomatic missions and received presentations on the work of the different organizations.

-       In 2011, AQHRC is organizing a study trip planned for Geneva to observe sessions of the Human Rights Council. The visit is planned to coincide with the second year anniversary of the presentation of the Fact Finding Mission Report on the War on Gaza (Goldstone Report). AQHRC, represented by its staff and students, will deliver a letter to the U.N signed by students of Palestinian university urging the international organization to act to ensure accountability for war crimes.  


One day Conference after the delivery of the letter to the Human Rights Council, that seeks to present the progress of the campaign, examine the approach, discuss lesson learned, and strategize for the future.  Conference will host speakers to provide a thorough update on developments regarding the Goldstone report. Speakers will also

Promotion materials:

The Campaign established an image for the campaign and printed it on posters. The Campaign holds 500 posters at the moment.

Designed t-shirts and stickers will be printed for further promotion of the campaign. 

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